• When Wear a naughtycat product defect if a/s? How about if, under guarantee?
    All products have possible A/S.
    Sometimes, the accessories will be impossible for them to find except in cases where all products for the A/S.
    The period of seven days to 15 days.
  • Is it possible for Change and refund is products of an naughtycat?
    ◆ Achieving interchangeable :
    If there is damage to the product as seven days of purchase, your damage is not applicable to perceive.

    Simple change of heart by a refund and exchange of total customer.
  • A naughtycat is gold, silver?
    Apply acupuncture and at goldfilled silver selling outlets to minimize the metal allergy.
  • Plate change in colour?
    Plating is a permanent product not change over time.
  • Do I want to know if the happen allergy.
    Who have sensitive skin is often allergic reaction occurs, there may be.
    Naughtycat are bad allergic reaction to minimize the bedding, a silver acupuncture needle a diverse product line, including earrings, including its efforts in various ways.
  • What size ring do you know?
    A Naughtycat sold in the product is made up of 12 to the size of No. 15.
  • What about the size of a bracelet and anklet?
    Is 17 cm and length of the bracelets.
    22 and 23 cm is the length of the anklet.