An evil cat yangjinho, founder of the Republic of Korea target 'The Prime Minister's Award' Prime Minister.

2016-08-27 07:46

(yangjinho daepyo) one of the accessory franchise No. 1 domestic companies a mean cat is 11th at the Lotte Hotel in the 12th inning the founder of the Republic of Korea from accessory for the first time in the industry.The Prime Minister's award.

Republic of Korea Foundation Prize has rapidly changing business environment to activate the domestic industry and economic development, creative thinking and excellent management activities in contributing to a selection of changeobin.Reward system.

The new prime minister first time this year award is Industry Minister has a career one step on the premier value of an upgraded over the bad cat.

Stratigic Cooperation, experts, comprised of officials with relevant agencies the quality of judges is a management and leadership, management systems, performance, brand management, business strategy and vision.The winner of the strictly business culture and social contributions, to screening.

Accessories in the restaurant business has multiple franchise market but also contribute to the different markets with the items of the prime minister receives a high honor.. High quality of products affordable to, and win-win win-win, with growth and to satisfy even then, of course, the consumer and merchant for systematic management and capacity building,Received high scores, too little thing that was less than five percent closure rate.

An evil cat yangjinho, Prime Minister, " This recession and been steady and competitive price and product competitiveness in changes in the propensity to consume.We thought, " In the future, accessory, because recognized brand to grow into competitive in the market will do my best to fulfill ’.Said.

One little hairpin should quality control, directly, and may sell. Want to express his or her personality, under the corporate philosophy that women display product that is trendy and affordable, target customers and more children to an adult.Loved by the wide range of ages 57 billion won last year to achieve a successful franchise in the industry leading brands such as positioning itself as.
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