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      Naughty Cat began in 1991.
      Since 2008 when we kick started the branch operation,
      we have total 130 branches under direct/franchise operations nationwide.
      After walking along the right path as the leading brand in accessory franchise by
      developing prime branches without focusing only on expanding number of branches,
      we have become a prime business model of average annual sales of 472,980,000 won
      from all branches nationwide (estimated sales from disclosure), with top rank
      in number of branches in the industry and 30% proportion of branch owners
      with two or more branches that received the franchise award
      for two consecutive years for the first time as accessory franchise brand.
      Naughty Cat is recommended to you planning on a startup.

      # of branches in industry:


      Franchise award for two
      consecutive years!

      Average annual sales of nationwide branches:



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Six success points!

No.1 Brand Power

Establishment of operation/management/education
system that enables even the notice startup owners to operate,
highest sales amount among accessory brands in Korea,
operation of the largest size showroom and
the highest variety of accessory were possible only
because Naughty Cat was top rank in the industry.

24 Years History

Naughty Cat that began in 1991 has 24 years
of history. It has grown by overcoming various
social issues and environments.This diverse and
rich experience of Naughty Cat will become
power for bringing success to your business.

One Stop System

The development system and perfect distribution
process of Naughty Cat that permits not even
a small error will supply the best products
at reasonable prices to enable stable profit
of startup owners.

Safety Start-Up

Efforts in consistently launching new products,
maintaining stock level through strict management and
securing profit competitiveness through innovation
in distribution structure enabled safe start-up of
franchise owners and led surprising outcome of
approximately 70% of branches opened as additional
stores by existing owners or by recommending to
family or acquaintance.

Different Marketing

Various marketing activities including mobile
membership service, Kakaotalk mobile gift voucher,
operation of naughty girl supporters and
broadcasting in ‘dream job’ on KBS are
part of diverse marketing strategies of
Naughty Cat that could not be found from
any other company in the industry.

Social Responsibility

Naughty Cat fulfills its social responsibility as the
top rank brand. Through various social contribution activities
such as sponsoring refugees of Myanmar and
donating to Unicef, we are helping
neighbors in need.

“Naughty Cat is not a brand that only woman with affection in accessories can start-up.
Many are successfully operating in diverse career backgrounds, experience and environments.”

“Young start-up in 20s”
Osan Culture Street branch Click!!

“New challenge after retiring from
a major firm”
Suwon Yeongtong Station branch Click!!

“Office worker and start-up owner at once”Seongnam Yatab Terminal branch Click!!

“From housekeeper to business owner” Yangsan Jungbu branch Click!!

“Changing existing brand to Naught
Gwangju U-Square branch Click!!

“Got married with Naughty Cat”
Daegu Chilgok branch and Gumi Wonpyeong
branch Click!!


– Introduction to Start-up Process –

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please inquire online or by phone.”

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